Catie Morgan, BA, LMT
Evolve Coaching
Owner, Coach, and Educator/Facilitator


I coach (and teach) companies and their teams how to leverage emotional intelligence and mindfulness to create value driven employee and client experiences that exceed expectations and drive revenue.

I coach (and mentor) individuals who desire personal growth. One to one coaching sessions support you in finding clarity and growth in the areas that are important to you so that you can bolster leadership and effectiveness at home, work, and in relationships with self and others.

Evolve Coaching International, LTD offers evidence informed coaching and leadership development services to both individuals and teams. My mission as coach is to fuel presence and connection by asking powerful questions through a non judgmental process that is always directed and led by the clients objectives. The Evolve Coaching model is shaped around three core values; Compassion, Emotional Intelligence and Self Efficacy.

About Catie

Catie is a passionate coach, successful business owner, teacher, entrepreneur and leadership development guide with over 20 years of professional experience. Catie is currently completing the Associate Coaching Credential, through the International Coaching Federation via the non profit organization, Six Seconds, based out of California. She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado and graduated as a licensed massage therapist from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in 2007. Catie is also the owner and Leadership & Education Director of the #1 rated Spa/Wellness Center in Northern Colorado, Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness. In her work as a coach, she enjoys drawing from her background in somatic practices, mindfulness and bodywork to create quality presence and connection during one to one, teaching and business development sessions. Catie has also been a contributor for Massage & Fitness Magazine and enjoys volunteering with local animal rescues.


“I signed on to Catie’s services because I was curious about what a coaching session would be like and had been thinking about attending portions of the same program where she received her training. But I got a lot more from our few sessions than that! What I enjoyed most were the questions she asked that helped me to pause and reflect. I was able to realize that I needed to shutter one business (that I loved) in order that the other one (which has more of a positive impact on our society) could be more successful. What I appreciated most was Catie’s way of asking thought provoking questions in a non-judgmental way, which made it easy to be honest with myself about making such a decision. I didn’t even realize I needed coaching- until I received it! If you’re looking to hire a coach, I highly recommend Catie, she’s awesome!” -R. Roose


I am currently available Mondays and Wednesday between 10 AM-8 PM Mountain Time. All appointments will be scheduled for meetings via Zoom until further notice due to COVID 19 quarantine/isolation efforts. If you live in Northern Colorado, I am available for outdoor masked appointments. Click below to schedule your session!

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