Catie Morgan, BA, LMT
Evolve Coaching International
Owner, Coach, and Facilitator

Our Mission

The Mission of Evolve Coaching International, LTD. is to offer evidence informed coaching and leadership development services to both individuals and groups who are ready for growth and change. My goal as coach is to fuel presence and connection by asking powerful questions through a non judgmental process that is always directed and led by the client. The Evolve Coaching model is shaped around three core values; Compassion, Emotional Intelligence and Self Efficacy. I offer a confidential, transparent and supportive space for both my individual and group clients, this allows you the freedom to direct our time together in ways that feel best for you or your company.

About Catie

Catie holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado and graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in 2007. Catie has been a licensed massage therapist and somatic practitioner since 2007 and enjoys drawing from her background in mindfulness and bodywork to create quality presence and connection in coaching sessions.

Catie is much more than just a “coach”, she is also a successful business owner, teacher, entrepreneur and leadership development guide with over fifteen years of small business, teaching and hands on expertise. Catie is currently completing her Associate Coaching Credential, through the International Coaching Federation via the non profit organization, Six Seconds, based out of California. Catie has also been a contributor for Massage & Fitness Magazine and enjoys volunteering with local animal rescues.

In Catie’s work as a coach, facilitator, and business owner she seeks to provide others with a supportive space of authenticity and genuine connection. Catie enjoys working with individuals and teams ready for change, and promotes the clients innate ability to draw upon their own inner guidance and wisdom to fuel change and take action. Compassion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and presence are used to guide sessions, while asking provocative questions that prompt authentic self inquiry and movement towards personal and professional growth.


“I signed on to Catie’s services because I was curious about what a coaching session would be like and had been thinking about attending portions of the same program where she received her training. But I got a lot more from our few sessions than that! What I enjoyed most were the questions she asked that helped me to pause and reflect. I was able to realize that I needed to shutter one business (that I loved) in order that the other one (which has more of a positive impact on our society) could be more successful. What I appreciated most was Catie’s way of asking thought provoking questions in a non-judgmental way, which made it easy to be honest with myself about making such a decision. I didn’t even realize I needed coaching- until I received it! If you’re looking to hire a coach, I highly recommend Catie, she’s awesome!” -R. Roose


We are currently available most weekdays between 10 AM-8 PM Mountain Time. All appointments will be scheduled for meetings via Zoom until further notice due to COVID 19 quarantine/isolation efforts. Click below to schedule your session!