Professional Support

Evolve Coaching offers an engaging process to fuel change in the areas of personal growth, wellness, career and business/leadership development. Evolve coaching might be a good fit for those with the following needs…

  • Individuals contemplating change.  Whether you’re preparing for a career change, bolstering your personal health and well being, searching for purpose or wanting to work on being a better partner or leader…Emotional Intelligence Coaching can SUPPORT YOU!

    • Evolve Coaching Solution:  Our individual strategy and EQ integration services are focused on the results that YOU want, not a prepackaged system telling you how to think, feel or organize your thoughts. The Evolve coaching process is one of co creation and reflection, based on your pace and goals. Our model is based on self-efficacy; supporting you in supporting yourself.
  • Small to medium business teams and leaders seeking a creative, neuroscience based coaching approach that will add value to their current business/outreach model and increase employee engagement using emotional intelligence and mindfulness training/practice/education.
    • Evolve Coaching Solution: Our results focused small business services fuel a culture of accountability, authentic leadership and genuine value.  Evolve co creates our workshops and virtual training directly with you and your team based on specific goals, company values and overall objectives. There are no cookie cutter presentations or pre-packaged offerings, only what you need and what we discuss is important to you. *Group offerings can be combined with individual EQ integration and strategy sessions. 

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What Coaching IS…

  • A professional and engaging process led by the objectives and goals of the client. 
  • A coach is a “Guide On The Side”, someone who can listen,  reflect your own words back to you and support you in finding more clarity around the areas of your life that you would most like to see change.
  • The coaching relationship offers genuine accountability and transparency, without judgement or shame. This empowers you to take action, knowing that ultimately you will always be the one to guide the objectives and pace of the coaching. 
  • Galvanizing and provocative questions that will prompt you to dig deeper in taking responsibility for your own personal growth and happiness. 
  • Your inner wisdom and insights is what will always guide our work together. Self efficacy, personal responsibility and direct communication is encouraged. 
  • Coaching is almost entirely focused on the present moment and future objectives of the person receiving the coaching. 
  • As a coach, I highly value presence, compassion and complete confidentiality. 

What Coaching is NOT…

  • Coaching is NOT counseling or psychotherapy. Coaching is not direct care/treatment for a mental health diagnoses such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. Only professional counselors (LPC), psychotherapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists who are licensed in their respective states may treat individuals seeking treatment for mental health issues. This is not to say that individuals undergoing therapy cannot ALSO seek out coaching services to supplement their overall process, but the scope of the coaching will be clearly defined and focused on coaching support not therapeutic services. If you’re not sure or would like to learn more, please feel free to schedule a complimentary 30 min consultation to learn more. 
  • Coaching is not a magic solution, quick fix or someone else telling you what to think, dream, feel or do. 
  • Coaching is not mentoring, consulting, or advice giving. Occasionally, in my work with businesses, I may receive a request that falls more under the umbrella of consulting. Consulting might be things like assisting with the creation of business related documents, analyzing financial reports, web site content review, value based business insights, etc. If you feel that your company or leadership team might benefit from additional support that falls more under the ‘consulting’ umbrella, I will likely refer you to someone on my extended partnership list. In the event that I feel comfortable handling the area of consulting and don’t refer you out, we would just create an adjunct section of my contract that will include specific details/pricing on a la carte consulting services that can be added to your overall coaching agreement package. 

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Next Steps…

Ready to book an appointment? 30 Minute FIRST TIME consultations are FREE! Available for face to face booking in Northern CO and Denver areas, otherwise ZOOM or some arranged travel can be requested for longer term coaching engagements.