Evolve Coaching Services

My unique coaching style lends itself to individuals and teams ready to create change and breakthroughs in how they work and live. Sessions are always guided by the values, objectives, priorities and goals of YOU, the client. Think of me as the ‘guide on the side’, assisting you and supporting you along the way!

30 Minute Evolve Strategy Session: In this initial 30 minute call or meet up we will discuss your strategic goals and objectives. It is helpful for me to get an idea of your needs; individual or business, and how best you hope to move forward with coaching. In doing so, my intention is to determine whether my practice is a good fit for your needs and how best I might be able to serve you. My service offerings include coaching, consulting and also mentoring so it’s important to get clear on your personal values and preferences before we move forward with an engagement of services.

2020 Navigating Uncertainty Budget Friendly 5 Packs
I’ll be offering these greatly reduced 5 packs until June 1, 2020! Looking for support, tools and a listening ear during isolation? Schedule your series of 5 sessions and pay sliding scale rates based on your budget. I MEAN THIS, it’s pay what you can for a limited time, so use this opportunity to propel your personal growth and make positive changes that lead to valuable action. The three focus areas to choose from:
Wellness in Isolation series
-Leadership Development Series
-Career Transition Series

Individual Intro to EQ Integration
This session allows you to create tangible solutions for integrating emotional intelligence into your everyday life, at both home and work. You will be given access to take the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment. The SEI takes about 15 minutes to complete, and will be followed up with a 75 minute coaching session/debrief of your SEI report. Though certainly not required, the SEI offers a rich amount of data and context to begin your coaching journey and may offer you insights on your personal leadership style and areas of current strengths. Variations of the SEI are available, including leadership, group versions and personalized brain style reporting.

Ongoing Individual Integration & Strategy Package
For those opting to do an individual extended contract, you will book recurring 60 minute sessions based on our package agreement. I create customized packages based on your unique needs and preferences for our work together. Our recurring one hour coaching sessions can be scheduled in person (depending on location) or via Zoom.

Business Intro to EQ Workshop
In this introductory Emotional Intelligence workshop, Evolve Coaching will come to your business or work function to offer a foundation course in EQ. Workshops are completely customized based on your business/event needs and can vary between 1/2 and full day experiences depending on budget, goals and number of attendees.

Business/Group/Leadership Ongoing Integration Sessions
For those opting to do a group/business extended contract, you will book recurring on site or zoom sessions based on our package agreement. I create customized packages based on your team’s unique business and leadership needs. Our recurring group coaching sessions can be scheduled in person (ideally, if in NOCO or Denver) or via Zoom (for some portions).

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